Novels by Ian Jaydid


TRIPPING THE FIELD: An existential crisis of ungodly proportions

Tripping the Field is a wild ride through some pretty unstable literary terrain! Evolutionary scientist Professor Michael Huxley tumbles, stumbles, strides and crawls through the jungles of South America, hidden gorges in Tibet, and the backwoods of Colorado in search of enlightenment and the hope of saving the world from a religious cult that has discovered a dark shortcut to the power of quantum realities. 

Huxley is drawn into an adventure with his best friend, fellow professor Eden Jessup, a group of special forces commandos, a stunningly beautiful Peruvian investigator and a mysteriously precocious little girl from an equally mysterious tribe. Massacres, monsters, translocation, lucid dreaming, love and a pit filled with skulls all get tossed into the psychedelic brew as the group struggles to find a way to stop the cult's leader before he gains godlike power. 

Touching on philosophy, physics, hallucinogens, addiction, and religion, Tripping the Field leavens these serious topics with irreverence and just enough absurdity that you're left understanding that this ridiculously funny and often tense joyride is absolutely true. 



Early Buzz for "Tripping the Field"!

"There isn't a single page in this epic adventure that didn't grip my attention. I've never read a book quite like this. It's exciting, funny and so damn full of highly original ideas I honestly cannot wait to read it again!

Barbara Prince 

"I don't like to use the term 'mind-blowing', but that's just what this adventure through hidden realms, shamanism, monsters and psychedelics was to my brain. I could NOT put it down. Jaydid's book continuously challenged my sanity in the most delightful way imaginable!"  

Tom Esposito

"We should throw all of our money at this Ian Jaydid guy. He's the greatest author in history and the most humble man in the universe." 

Ian Jaydid 




How is it that our highly efficient, complex bodies are even wired in such a way that an action film – one that we consciously know isn’t actually taking place – can kick in our adrenaline or a dopamine response? How often do we stop and consider just how strange this relationship with media is? Or how much stranger it’s quickly becoming? We might be sitting in the safety and comfort of our own living room perfectly aware that there is nothing that can take place on the screen that can physically effect us, yet a part of us is indeed responding as if the action on the screen were real; we’re literally on the edge of our seat, hands shaking, heart pounding and building up a sweat. Whether we realize it or not, our daily, hourly and by-the-minute intake of digital stimuli is quite often for the purposes of getting high; not a high from a drug that came from outside the body, but from one produced right beneath the skin. With the perfectly attainable goal of regaining our Zen in the midst of the raging Media War, we’re going to revisit our relationship with these ancient “endogenous” drugs; why animals produce them, how nature has used them throughout history and what it means to have media tricking our sympathetic nervous system into producing them for us.