About Ian Jaydid


Ian Jaydid has been creating fine art, illustrations, cartoons and writing for over twenty years. Through his creative arts and writing outlet Iboga Moon Productions, he illustrates the cartoon series Generation Jaded, designs mixed-media fine-art, logos and marketing materials. He regularly partners with news, medicinal plant and alternative healing organizations to write and edit articles on the topics of meditation, psychoactive research, lucid dreaming and alternative healing techniques. Tripping the Field is Ian’s first, fully realized fictional novel. He currently resides on the front range of the Rocky Mountains. 



"My art and writing is inspired by over 25 years of meditation and astral projection practices. At the age of 19 I began spontaneously experiencing the phenomenon known as "lucid dreaming"; highly intense states of awareness where the dreamer "wakes up" to the fact that he/she is dreaming. As these experiences increased in frequency and intensity, so did my questions about the nature of mind, consciousness and reality. My quest for answers led me into the study of chi, shamanism, medicinal plants, quantum theory and Eastern philosophy. 


True Stories

"I consider my first novel, Tripping the Field, as a love letter to the cosmic mysteries I've wrestled with through the many ecstatic, bizarre  and hyper-realistic states of consciousness I've induced and have been subjected to over the years. I can only hope that Professor Jessup and Huxley's wild adventures help illuminate your own path to enlightenment." 

Peace and Love to all, Ian